Letclo™ Knowledge - How often should slippers be washed and changed?

Slippers are an indispensable daily necessities at home, but while they bring convenience and comfort to people, they also bring many health problems.

Letclo™ came to the following conclusions from a survey:

The survey of more than 4,000 people shows that more than 90% of them have the habit of changing slippers when they get home. The preference for slippers of various materials is from high to bottom: cotton slippers, plastic slippers, canvas slippers, plush slippers and leather slippers.

When asked, "How long have you been wearing the oldest pair of slippers in your house?", nearly half of them answered that they had worn them for half a year, 40% answered that they had worn them for 1 to 3 years, and only those who had worn them within a month accounted for 1.48%, and as high as 7.34% for more than 5 years.

At the same time, Letclo™ found that only 5.28% of people have the habit of brushing slippers every day, 38.83% of people brush every 3 months, 22.24% brush every six months, 7.41% brush once a year, and even nearly 9.2% People say that the slippers at home have never been brushed.

According to scientific research, if slippers are not washed for a long time, they will cause foot odor and athlete's foot.

In fact, slippers are a place where bacteria grow, most of which are harmful bacteria, and it is also one of the most important ways of skin infection.

Many people think that slippers are only worn at home and will not get dirty. This is a very wrong view.

Take the most popular cotton slippers as an example. After the slippers are in contact with the feet for a long time, the sweat generated will remain inside the slippers. If the cotton slippers are not cleaned for a long time, the dark, humid and warm environment inside the cotton slippers becomes a breeding ground for the proliferation of fungi, which may eventually cause health problems such as foot odor and athlete's foot. In severe cases, these fungi can spread among family members.

In addition, sometimes when visiting relatives and friends' homes, you may have to put on slippers. The survey shows that only half of people have slippers specially prepared for guests at home. After the guests leave, less than 20% of them wash their slippers.

Therefore, Letclo™ will tell you what kind of slippers are suitable for what season and scene.
1. Season: In summer and autumn, try to choose slippers made of EVA or PVC, which is environmentally friendly and can also effectively evaporate the sweat on the shoes. In spring and winter, you can choose cotton slippers and plush shoes to keep warm, but you need to put on plastic slippers when entering the bathroom or kitchen.
2. Scene: Where there is water, try to choose plastic slippers, such as bathroom and kitchen. Leather slippers are not recommended to be wet, if not dried in time, it is easy to mold and stink.

How to wash and store slippers?

1. After each bath, you can brush plastic slippers by the way. Cotton slippers should be brushed frequently according to the usage.

2. Avoid storing indoor slippers and outdoor shoes together in the shoe cabinet, otherwise it will lead to cross-contamination of dust and bacteria.

3.You can add an appropriate amount of vinegar to sterilize when washing shoes.

4. Try to take out the slippers every week for drying, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill a large number of germs. After winter, cotton and plush slippers must be washed and dried before being put away.

5. The most important point is, don't let the slippers "use over time", research shows that the slippers should be replaced after 6-12 months of use.


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