How to choose your personal shoe size?

If you’re in need of new shoes, plan to do your shopping in the afternoon. It has been found that your feet naturally expand throughout the day and you want to be sure your shoes can accommodate this increase in size.

No matter if you’ve been measured a hundred times in the past, you should always get measured before you try on new shoes because your size may change over time. Additionally, you should measure both feet. If one of your feet is larger or wider than the other, go with a shoe size that accommodates the bigger foot.

Trying on a new pair of shoes sitting down won’t help you determine if you have enough room for your feet. After you get them on, stand in the shoes and walk around to make sure they fit snugly, but not too tight. Shoes shouldn’t pinch, hurt or slide off your feet.

If you’ve been dealing with consistent foot or ankle pain, you may want to save your high-heeled shoes for special occasions. Prolonged pressure from this type of footwear is likely to lead to bunions, hammertoes, corns or calluses.